Condominium administration

Acquisition of a condominium

Transparent management of your condominium, the key to success.

Many properties are acquired in co-ownership. Therefore, a perfect cohabitation with the neighbourhood requires knowing a certain number of rules. A condominium ownership building (PPE) will be divided into private housing and common areas requiring management and decisions to be made by the co-owners.

Cogestim has experts in condominium management and administration at your disposal. Based on transparent and informed exchanges, the services offered guarantee all co-owners optimal administrative, legal, accounting and technical management.


Experienced and competent, Cogestim condominium administrators listen to co-owners’ expectations while knowing how to negotiate when required, for a successful cohabitation. Indeed, the role of the condominium administrator is to bring a neutral, analytical, but human vision to the community, in order to lead to the best decisions. Serious, responsible and qualified are the characteristics of a condominium administrator at Cogestim.

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