The relationship of trust, the watchword of our brokerage department.

Do you want to sell your property?

Our brokers listen to you and support you. Selling real estate is a job requiring multiple skills, including a detailed market appreciation, as well as excellent legal and financial knowledge. Added to this is the need to have an extensive contact network allowing the right item to be offered to the right client. So, to approach these steps with optimism and serenity, we stress the need to develop a transparent and trusting relationship with you.


Franchise and ethics are among the values ​​we advocate to lead you to success.

Each of the Cogestim agencies is made up of teams of collaborators who can determine the right price for your property and assist you in the process of finding a buyer.

Brokers are responsible for acting as negotiators and position themselves between the principal and the client, in order to complete the sale or the promise to sell. At Cogestim, this privileged intermediary and advisory role is embodied in a real relationship of partners. It is by moving forward together, with professionalism, that we will achieve the goals you have set.

The broker will be your partner in terms of:

  • Setting up the marketing tools necessary to achieve your objective;
  • Support and advice in the process of obtaining financing;
  • Support and advice on tax and legal matters;
  • Technical advice;
  • Administrative management.

All our brokers are supported by brokerage assistants and are monitored by the Brokerage Department Manager.


During a sales mandate, our brokerage teams can rely on the skills of communication specialists who are responsible to find the best solutions to offer optimal promotion of the property, thanks to the latest technology and a perfect mastery of communication channels.

Cogestim brokers have only one goal: to sell at the best price, freeing you from all the inconvenience.


Hervé Ruffieux

Brokerage Director

Brokerage Director, Hervé Ruffieux has more than 10 years of experience serving the property sector. With a legal and banking background, he now brings his extensive knowledge to Cogestim.

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