Do you want to know the value of your property?

Property appraisal is for anyone wishing to determine the value of a property, whether for a purchase, sale, mortgage, partition, divorce or inheritance.

Property appraisal, ou property valuation, therefore differs from online valuation, the aim of which is to define in a few clicks an indicative price range, based on statistical methods.

Therefore, to provide you with a quality property valuation, the Cogestim appraisal service has patented and recognised experts, members of the CEI* (Swiss Chamber of Experts in Property Appraisals).*

Our areas of expertise

We are able to value all types of property, whether, for example:

  • A villa
  • A condominium apartment (PPE)
  • A rental or mixed building
  • A commercial or administrative building
  • A workshop or industrial building
  • Land
  • An easement
  • A leasehold estate (DDP)
  • An exceptional property

Our services

  • Property appraisals or valuations
  • Value advice
  • Property advice
  • Help-assistance when buying or selling a property
  • Assistance to owners

Our experts are at your entire disposal to guide you on the service that best meets your objective and expectations.



A property valuation or appraisal report, corresponds to a detailed valuation of the property in order to define its market value.

For which cases? It is recommended for different scenarios, in particular: in the context of a divorce, a gift, a partition, an inheritance, a succession, a dispute, or during a purchase or a sale of any building in the legal sense.

Service delivered: The property appraisal report consists of a complete and detailed analysis of the property to be valued including, among other things, the aspect related to the land register, the cadastral situation of the building, the regulations of the construction policy, the potential or the possible constructive reservations, a risk analysis, a description of the materials and the state of maintenance of the building, the strengths and weaknesses of the property and, of course, the different values depending on the type of property, whether it is a real value (or intrinsic), a current value (or yield value), a value per m2, in particular for condominium apartments, or a  valuation by financial flows (discounted cash flow) for yield buildings and properties.

An on-site visit must be carried out in order to assess the situation of the building and its surroundings, as well as the property in particular. The report consists of approximately twenty pages, which may be more or less substantial depending on the property. It is accompanied by a series of photos, taken during the visit, and its annexes.

How much does an appraisal cost? The cost of the appraisal is based on the time spent. We will establish an estimate free of charge to indicate the amount before the start of our mandate.


The price opinion corresponds to a brief estimate of the property, in order to define its market value.

For which properties? A price opinion may be considered for different scenarios, in particular to reassure a buyer on the purchase price of a villa or condominium apartment. The price opinion cannot be considered on a more specific building, such as a rental property, a commercial or industrial building, in which a property appraisal is still necessary.

In what context? The price opinion is not recommended in the context of a divorce, gift, partition, inheritance or litigation, where the property appraisal is required.

Service delivered: the price opinion includes an analysis of the important and imperative elements of the property, such as elements related to the land register, the cadastre and the property in particular, without however entering into a detailed analysis and description as in property appraisal. It is for this reason that this service cannot be undertaken for certain properties where in-depth analysis remains imperative to determine a reliable market value.

Like the property appraisal, the visit remains essential.

The price opinion is presented on the basis of a correspondence of a few pages without a detailed description being given. It can be more or less substantial, depending on the property.

How much does a price opinion cost? The price opinion is less expensive than the property appraisal. Its cost is also linked to the time spent. We will establish an estimate free of charge to indicate the amount before the start of our mandate.


Cogestim’s experts are at your entire disposal to advise, support or even represent you, as the case may be, in any transaction where our technical, financial, legal and economic skills may be of use to you.

The interaction of our appraisal department with the different professions offered by our group (project management, brokerage, management, condominium administration, marketing & communication) will undoubtedly allow you to obtain sound advice from professionals, in order to face the increasing complexity of the property economy.

In what context?

Depending on your objectives, our experts will be able to assist you in order to negotiate easements, for example, to negotiate a leasehold estate right, or simply to fix a rent for an apartment that you would like to rent out.

Service delivered: to be defined from case to case

How much does a price opinion cost? To be defined from case to case or service invoiced on the basis of the time spent.


Cogestim experts are at your entire disposal to assist you when buying or selling your property. Thanks to their good knowledge of the local market, they will know how to help you determine the ‘right price’ in order to help you carry out the transaction under the best possible conditions.

They will also enable you to obtain a second opinion on the price for example, or otherwise on the state of maintenance of the property or on potential work to be carried out.

Delivered service: To be defined from case to case

How much does a price opinion cost? To be defined from case to case or service invoiced on the basis of the time spent.


The construction of a building for rental or condominium of ownership is proving particularly complicated today, given the legislation and the consequent procedures imposed on owners. We will be able to use our skills in project development with the promotions that we develop for our promotion companies and our various partners.

Asking the right questions at the start of each project is imperative in order to achieve a well-crafted final project.


Some examples of questions you may have to ask yourself, which we will do our best to help you answer in collaboration with your representatives and various stakeholders:

  • Is the potential optimum?
  • Do the types of housing in terms of surface area and number of rooms correspond to the local market?
  • Are the car park and the basement, generally the key point of any project, optimised?
  • Is the cost of construction consistent?
  • Do I have to build in compliance with Minergie?
  • What finishing materials to choose?
  • At what price can I rent out the apartments?
  • What annual return can I expect?
  • How do I present my file in order to obtain a bank loan?
  • How will the tax authorities react if I subsequently sell the apartments?
  • And many other questions..

Thanks to our experience, we will know how to bring you real added value in order to align the development of the project with its financial aspects, so that your project is as optimal as possible.

Our project management department is at your disposal to answer your questions and allow you to rely on a trusted, reliable partner to achieve your goals.

Service delivered: To be defined from case to case

How much does a price opinion cost? To be defined from case to case or service invoiced on the basis of the time spent.

  • Over 20 years of experience in property valuation.
  • Patented experts, in particular part of the CEI (Swiss chamber of experts in property valuation). What finishing materials to choose?
  • Perfect knowledge of the market in French-speaking Switzerland.
  • Optimised working methods.
  • A business structure covering the entire property business spread across the canton through its 7 agencies.


Cogestim’s know-how is based on more than 60 years of experience, perfect knowledge of the Vaud property market and seasoned and genuinely invested employees. This is why we are able to offer our clients tailor-made support encompassing technical, financial and legal services.

Proximity, quality, advice, trust, discretion and neutrality are concepts at the heart of the relationships we have with all of our clients. Testing us is synonymous with adopting us.

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