The Cogestim accounting department is, on a daily basis, the financial link between owners, tenants and internal departments.
As the guarantor of the accounts, it is in permanent contact with the various departments and carries out, for each of the businesses, well-defined tasks, namely: 


– Accounting for rental buildings and rented apartments
– Drawing up of periodic statements with the submission of supporting documents and preparation of interim statements.
– Calculation and payment to owners of available cash balances
– Drawing up of annual statements for heating, hot water and ancillary costs
– Drawing up of buyer/seller statements in the event of the sale of the building
– Final control of tenant exit statements

Whether for activities related to management or condominium of ownership, the accounting department is responsible for invoicing and collecting, among other things, rents, heating instalments, and co-owners’ instalments. It takes care of the accounting, scanning and payment of maintenance bills and general services (electricity, water, etc.).


– Keeping of condominium accounts (PPE)

– Annual closing and establishment of distributions between co-owners



– Sending of reminders, formal notices, or even legal proceedings for unpaid rents
– Collaboration with local professionals (business agents, lawyers)
– Granting and monitoring of payment arrangements


Franco Ricci

Head of Accounting Department

Responsible for the accounting of buildings under management and condominiums, Franco Ricci, holds the diploma of property administrator.
After working with major private and institutional owners for more than 35 years, he now shares his experience and energy with Cogestim’s clients.

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