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Leandro Boscacci began his professional career in the luxury ready-to-wear industry, in Germany, Italy and then Switzerland. After 10 years in the fashion industry, with the desire to change career, he moved to Crans-Montana and began his career in the property sector in 2001. He participated in the first session of the property broker’s certificate, then created his own brokerage agency in Lausanne, as well as a property fund intended for development. His thirst for adventure and his desire to broaden his horizons led him to settle for several years in Mexico, where he managed, at the commercial level, Resort Property projects with hotel services.


Leandro is passionate about business development including challenges. Collaborative and flexible, creative and conceptual, he has an eye for detail and appreciates a job well done. A man of contact and communication, he is at ease with complexity and is keen on respecting set objectives.

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Passionate about marine life and diving for over 30 years


Board sports

Adept in board sports such as snowboarding, water skiing and swimming


The arts

Also enjoying the arts, decoration, fashion, watchmaking and architecture


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You can contact Leandro Boscacci directly:

+41 21 310 72 49